Commercial Roof Repair

Saving building owners millions of dollars by deferring costly roof replacement

Schrock Roofing, Inc. works closely with building owners and facility managers to get the greatest protection and longevity out of their roofing systems. By extending a roof's lifespan with proper service and maintenance we have saved building owners millions of dollars by deferring costly roof replacement.

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Advantages of Schrock

We can offer yearly or bi-yearly preventative maintenance services for every type of commercial roof. We are able to offer repair services for most types of roofs under all weather conditions.

Please feel free to call Schrock Roofing, Inc. for a cost estimate for a commercial roof maintenance plan.

Dedicated Experts in Roof Repair

At Schrock Roofing, Inc., excellence is standard. Our team abides by high standards for professionalism, workmanship, and customer service. As part of our commitment to customer needs, we are a proud user of Conklin® roofing supplies. Conklin® products stand out in a crowded roofing product marketplace with their lasting durability, exceptional strength, and long-term cost-efficiency.

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When you have roof repair needs, what can these products do for you? Here are a few great customer benefits:

  • Takes care of roof leaks upon application
  • Forms seamless, fully adhered, monolithic, leak-resistant barrier over trouble roof areas
  • Mitigates future damage with resistance to hail, powerful winds, solar radiation, and more
  • Adds years to an existing roof's service life
  • No more leaks and repairs are easily made in future
  • Up to 85% reflectivity for possibly 30% on annual A/C costs
  • Elastomeric properties allow for easy expanding and contracting

In short, these great-performing products can address your repair needs and provide great ROI with their energy-saving capability. And they can be applied during normal business hours – you do not have to settle for any costly slowdowns in business operations while we handle your repair concerns.

Exceptional Product and Service Guarantees

There is another way in which we offer value. Non-prorated warranty guarantees are available with Conklin® roofing products. These non-prorated warranty guarantees cover 100% of material and labor costs, and they last for 18 years.

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Once a non-prorated warranty expires, it can be renewed with a timely recoating of a Conklin® roof. And in the process, the roof will be restored with the same great protection and energy-saving benefits which Conklin® products deliver.

On top of this, Schrock Roofing, Inc. is rooted in a proud legacy of 35+ years of quality construction expertise. Our professionals understand roofing, and they will work to ensure your roof stays leak-free, energy-efficient, and long-standing for years to come. For truly exceptional service and workmanship, give the experts at Schrock Roofing, Inc. a call.

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Schrock Roofing, Inc. would be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate tailored for your building.   Call us at: (801) 901-3170 or use our confidential Contact Form.

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